Interview: Lady Linda Wong Davies / Wallpaper*

Interview: Lady Linda Wong Davies / Wallpaper*

With its eclectic programme of opera, art, architecture and design, the London-based KT Wong Foundation has been bridging the creative landscapes of Britain and China since 2007, establishing itself as a cultural force. But according to its founder, Lady Linda Wong Davies (see W*163), the initial objective was simple. ‘I just wanted to show that China’s culture is more than terracotta warriors and Ming vases,’ she says.

Ten years on, with countless exhibitions and performances under her belt, Davies shows no sign of slowing down. ‘When we started I was ignorant, but I was younger and fearless. I went out and made it happen.’

Dedicated to Davies’ father, the Chinese- Malaysian businessman Dato Wong Kee Tat, the Foundation celebrates China’s dynamic cultural scene, despite the fact that Davies was born in Singapore, grew up in Malaysia and studied in California.

What drew her back to her homeland? ‘There’s so much going on there, it makes my head swim. It’s fantastic that the rest of the world is paying more attention now to what’s happening with the arts in China today, rather than just its history,’ she tells me. ‘It’s endlessly surprising, and impossible to stereotype.’

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